img-wp-positioning-prWhen was the last time you looked at your sales figures and saw substantial growth? Running a website design firm requires constant changes, accommodations, and growth; without these elements your business is bound to fail.  The same goes for all other businesses.  As the average business owners become better aquantinced with the internet, so does their need for website design services.  Chances are even that grimy burger joint down the street has a website that they claim is bringing in business.  How is it possible to find clients that require professional website design services, when everyone thinks they’ve already got it covered?

It’s important for your sales team to enforce your position as experts.  Business owners aren’t interested in having a website designed to for show-and-tell, they want it to bring in business!  Expressing the benefits your services provides to small businesses can have an outstanding effect.  At the end of the day if your services will get their phone ringing and revenue to increase, who is going to turn you away?

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