Lead-Nurturing-Best-Practices-Featured-ImageChances are you’ve come across your fair share of leads that are interested but not ready to pull the trigger on your website design services.  Whether they’ve second guessed their decision, had an unexpected expense, business emergency or have simply become too busy, there’s a good chance they can be sold in the future.  Far too many website designers take this lead as garbage and never make contact again, but the reality is that they’re leaving money on the table that’s theirs for the taking.

Every agency has a different prospecting and selling process when it comes to communicating with qualified leads.  It’s vital that every lead is nurtured and given the appropriate amount of time and communication efforts until considered “no longer interested”. If they’ve showed interest once then there’s a great chance they will be interested again.  How many contact attempts is too much?  We’ve heard of companies contacting qualified leads for up to four years after initial contact, with over 20 contact attempts made.  If you’re looking to save money and ultilize your resources as much as possible, then extending your prospecting timeline with your qualified leads is a necessity.

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