Having great sales people is not enough to ensure success.  You have to keep your salespeople well-fed by providing them with great leads.  A great salesperson without good leads is like a Ferrari without gas.

The bottleneck in most businesses is sales.  Figuring out how to fulfill the orders that come in is never as big of a problem as generating the business in the first place.  The businesses that are able to figure out how to consistently generate profitable sales are the businesses that are built to last, and those businesses generally rely on sales leads as part of their formula to success.

The better the leads are and the better the salespeople are, the bigger the sales are.  The formula is simple:

Good Leads + Strong Salespeople = Huge Sales
Cold Calls + Strong Salespeople = Weak Sales

Many business owners think that good salespeople should be able to generate their own interest
(create their own leads) and close their own sales.  There are certainly people out there that can do that, but they’re few and far between.  The roles of lead generation and salesperson are two very different roles, similar to a quarterback and a wide receiver on a football team.  Expecting a salesperson to do their own lead generation and sales is like expecting the wide receiver to also be the quarterback.  They’ll still score some points here and there, but not nearly as many as they would have if they played their own specialized role.

Good leads can absolutely transform a small business into a much larger business by giving the sales team the fuel they need to really make the sales explode.  This transformation can often take place virtually overnight.

Let’s look at a simple equation:

Jenny’s is a salesperson and her base salary is $3,200 a month.  It takes Jenny 500 cold calls to make one sale for $3000.  She can make 80 calls a day.  Jenny also gets 20 exclusive leads a week and is able to generate one sale for $3000 out of those leads.  What would the numbers look like if Jenny ONLY did cold calling, or ONLY called on qualified leads?

Cold Calling vs. Lead Buying












Having Jenny call on leads rather than cold calling:

  • Generated 5 Times the Revenue!!!
  • Increased profits from less than zero to over $10K!
  • Eliminated wasted time and increased efficiency!

Making a move from cold calling to buying leads in this case virtually transformed the business overnight.  Instead of losing money, they went to making strong profits.  This is what good leads can do for your business.

If you’re expecting great sales out of poor leads or no leads, stop now.  Get great leads for your salespeople.  They’ll be happier, you’ll be happier and you’ll all make more money.

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