Over the years of generating leads for many companies we have seen various ways and techniques of helping a lead to convert through sales funnels. This post is to help some see the value of a longer sales funnel that will help you get more sales with your web design and SEO leads.

In this industry, we see many new upcoming web designers and web design agencies purchase leads from us. It is always interesting to see why some clients do extremely well with leads and others simply let the ball drop or don’t know how to take someone from an “interested” state to a “client” state.

I will explain what I see most new web designers and agencies do with their sales process.

First, they get in contact with the lead and then answer all the leads questions about what they can do for the lead as well as how much it costs. They usually are very reactive on the call or email. They react to the clients questions and concerns rather than explaining everything about their service and showing the value and reason why the client would work with them over another designer.

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This approach is usually very short a few emails and normally one or two calls. This approach does work but it is the same approach that thousands of new and up and coming designers are taking. The major flaw with this approach is that it does not provide enough education and value in such a short time to take the clients mind from price to value. Because of this, many designers have to work harder than their peers just to stay busy.

I will now explain what I call the optimized web design sales approach we see.

First, the web designer calls the lead directly after getting the lead. The reason of the first call is qualify and listen to the lead and understand what they are looking for. It is a lot easier to give someone exactly what they want. The only way to find out what they want is if you ask them, a lot of time they tell you exactly what they are looking for.

Once the needs of the lead are understood and confirmed they will may ask to see something right now. Many new web designers feel pressured to give out an answer or show them something right then and there. That is not something you really want to do unless you actually have their solution right then. Normally a second phone call is set up. The second phone call will give you time to prepare a solution that meets their needs and will help them focus on the value behind your solution rather than just the price.

Once on the second phone call a solution is presented that meets their needs. This is why on the first phone call you don’t want to launch into price and features too soon until you really understand the client’s needs. This second call normally takes place with via screen share (www.join.me.com is my personal favorite) sharing your screen with the client and going over what you can do to help them is one of the most effective ways of helping them to see the value of what you can bring them. This will also help them stop comparing you against the other web designers they may have spoken with by price alone.

Once the client understand the value behind what you are offering and has all their questions and objections resolved then they are ready to do business normally at a higher price than other web designers who are trying to stay competitive have quoted them by price alone.  We will go over closing a deal in another blog post.

Because there is so much competition out there for web design and SEO agencies it is imperative that you stand out from the crowd. Listening to your potential client’s needs (even if you already know what they will say and need) then present the solution to them and focus on building the value or “why” behind your product or service.  Taking this approach will help you close more deals with higher revenue per average sale.


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