We all get them. People who call up asking a thousand questions without any real intent of purchasing. These tire kickers can waste your time if you don’t deal with them correctly. I see many sales people trying to push to make a sale off of any call that they get, which is actually a good habit. However if you are not aware of how much time one tire kicker can take out of your sales persons day.  Many people who are just “price shopping” are just looking around and doing their initial research. This is fine, but your sales teams need to know who is price shopping and who is actually really serious about buying your services or products.Price Shopper

There are a few ways to determine if someone is a price shopper.

  • They require more contact and have more questions than your average client who is ready to buy right now. Because they are in their initial phase of doing research they are still gathering information and probably comparing you to your competitors.
  • When probed for a budget they have no idea. This should raise a red flag because if they are a serious prospect then they will most likely have a budget in mind. If not, then they are an uneducated prospect who needs to be educated. Educating your prospects is a natural phase in the sales cycle and should happen with every SEO and web design lead you get.
  • After educating them they still have questions about areas that you have already described.
  • They are hesitant in conversation or tone. Most people start out this way but if someone is still hesitant after you have described your USP as well as taking the time and educating them then it is a red flag that this person is still looking.


When selling SEO or web design services you will undoubtedly come across people who are still price shopping. It will happen.  The absolutely worst thing you can do is to throw them away because they were not able to buy right then.

Most of the successful web designers and SEO companies we sell our leads to have a system where they collect the price shopper’s info and continually market to them on an ongoing basis that is automated. Doing this not only continues their education but also it helps them to keep you at the top of their mind.  This is a way of turning lemons into lemonade the process takes a while longer but will provide you sales and keep your sales people working with prospects that are really interested and ready to buy now.

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