Imagine you’re a small business owner interested in website design services, and you’re contacted by one of our prospectors.  We market the benefits of website design services, and how it can influence your company, and you’re ready to proceed.  You provide your information, and await a call from a prestigious website design company, ready to hear more about their services.  The only problem is, after a few days you never get the call.  What do you do next?


Business owners are impatient.  Why would they wait days, or weeks for your call?  Just like us, they’re very busy people.  If they want a website, they’re going to find a company to provide them one.  When you purchase our leads, we guarantee that our leads are fresh.  This means that once a business shows interest in purchasing website design services, we forward them to you quickly so that you have a better chance of getting the sale.  Don’t waste your time with aged, cold leads.  Save yourself the trouble and purchase leads that are motivated and waiting for your call.

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