How Do You Generate Your Leads?

Our in-house team contacts thousands of business each week through direct marketing methods. The main method we use is email marketing, but we are frequently testing other lead generation methods as well such as cold calling and social media marketing. We market the benefits of Web Design and SEO to business owners and “break the ice” for your company by making the initial contacts.  When a prospect responds to us with an indication of interest then that becomes a lead.

What Prospect Information Is Included With Each Lead?

Every lead includes a prospect name, email, phone number (if applicable), website (if applicable) and additional notes regarding their service requests.

What Kind Of Leads Do You Sell?

Every lead we sell has shown an interest in website design or SEO services.  We use separate campaigns to generate those two lead types.  Our prospects are typically business owners who understand the benefits of internet marketing/web design and the benefits it can bring their organization.  We offer shared leads (shared by a total of 4 companies) and exclusive leads (only given to 1 company).  All of our leads are fresh, meaning we have been in contact with the prospect less than 48 hours prior to providing them to you.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

Yes, we guarantee that all of our leads are fresh, and the information provided is accurate. If you find this not to be the case we will replace your leads free of charge.

Why Should I Purchase Your Leads?

When it comes to generating quality leads, our team does it best. We have constructed a group of professional marketers and prospectors who specialize in generating leads for companies throughout the United States and other countries. Our in-house team has developed flawless methods to contact businesses all over the country, educate them with the benefits of internet marketing, and convert them into paying customers. We contact thousands of businesses each week, generating leads that website design and SEO companies can turn into paying customers. We understand how important it is to have leads that convert, which is why we choose to directly communicate with each of our leads to ensure their interest in purchasing website design and SEO services.  We know that we have the best leads in the industry, and our customers know it too.

What Kind Of Businesses Do You Prospect?

We target both small and medium sized businesses in a wide variety of industries. Some examples of the types of “local” businesses we target include contractors, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, landscapers, electricians, auto mechanics, and salons.  There are many “national” businesses that we target as well such as manufacturers, e-commerce sites, software companies, finance companies, etc…  The typical breakdown of company sizes from our leads is as follows:  1/3 of the leads have between 1-5 employees, 1/3 have between 5-15 employees, and 1/3 have over 15 employees.  So basically, 2/3rds of our leads are companies that are smaller companies.

What Are Your The Typical Conversion Rates and Contract Sizes From Your Leads?

Many other lead generation companies will “fluff up” the numbers a little bit when they’re trying to sell you on buying their leads.  We don’t do that.  Here are the actual numbers:
With Exclusive U.S. Web Design and SEO Leads the conversion rate is approximately 10%.  Our top selling clients that sell consistently at 20%, but that is very difficult to do.
The conversion rate for our U.S. Shared Leads is typically between 3-5%.
The average website built from our leads is between $1500 to $2000.  Most of those sites are basic template-based wordpress sites.
The average SEO agreement is $400-$500 a month.
These are averages, but we have clients all across the board, from the low-low’s to the high-high’s.  Some of our clients will not take on any web development project under $5,000, or any monthly SEO agreement under $1,500/mo and they still do well with our leads, even though they don’t convert at as high of a percentage as our average clients do.

How Many Leads Will I Receive Each Day/Week?

This depends on 2 things:  1.  What lead package you signed up for (we have multiple different packages), and 2. How many leads we are able to generate in that day/week.  Lead generation is very hard work and can be unpredictable.  We have big days and small days, big weeks and small weeks.  When we have big weeks, you will receive your maximum amount of leads, but when we have small weeks it can be much less.   The number of leads you receive each day or week will fluctuate with our lead flow.   Since our lead numbers will fluctuate, we have a billing method that will fluctuate to in order to accommodate for the highs and lows (see the billing example below).

Can You Limit The Amount Of Leads I Receive Each Week?

Absolutely. Simply note the amount of leads you’d like to receive each week when checking out, and we’ll be happy to accommodate your request.

How Much Do Your Leads Cost?

We have a variety of different lead types and prices to fit every budget.  You can see our full lineup of products and prices on our Order Form.

How Can I Purchase Your Leads?

You can order online via our Order Form.  You will typically get your first lead(s) within 24 hours of placing your order.

Are there any set-up charges or hidden fees?

Absolutely not.  We don’t charge anything other than the price-per-lead displayed.

How Does Your Weekly Billing Work?

Your account starts by buying a certain number of lead credits, and then once a week your account will be billed to bring you back to that same number of credits.  If you didn’t receive your maximum amount of leads in a week, the remaining lead credits will rollover to the next week and will be deducted from the total that you are billed for.

So for example, if you signed up for Up to 10 Web Design Leads Per Week at $27 per lead, you would get billed for $270 to begin with.  If you receive all 10 leads that week, you will be billed for $270 again the next week.  But if you only received 7 leads that week then you have 3 lead credits remaining going into the next week, and those credits will be deducted from your weekly total of 10 leads, which means you’ll only be billed for 7 leads ($189).

Am I Locked-In to a Long-Term Agreement?

No, not at all.  You are free to cancel any time.   If you cancel, we will continue to send you leads until your remaining lead credits are gone, but you won’t be rebilled.

Am I Able to Pause My Account?

Yes.  We frequently have clients that get overwhelmed with too many projects and have to take a break from sales for a period of time in order to catch up.  We’re happy to pause your account at any time.

What is Your Lead Return Policy?

We do get bad leads from time to time.  Leads can be returned within 30 days of receipt by sending an email to explaining why the lead is a bad lead. does not offer refunds but will replace any bad leads with good leads.  Bad leads are defined as leads that have incorrect information, such as an incorrect phone number or email address.

Here are the reasons that leads can be returned:

  1. Inaccurate phone number
  2. Inaccurate email address (email bounces)
  3. Lead claims they don’t know what you’re talking about
  4. Lead just wanted to complain that we sent them an email and wants to be removed from our list.
  5. Lead is a competitor, not a potential client

There are many reasons why a lead may not be a good lead for you, but is not necessarily a bad lead that can be returned.  Here are a few reasons that leads cannot be returned:

  1. Lead doesn’t have enough money to become your client
  2. Lead changes their mind about being interested
  3. Lead decides they want to do business with someone locally instead
  4. Lead is not responding to your phone calls or emails
  5. Lead doesn’t want to do business with your company
  6. Lead has requirements that you cannot or do not want to fulfill

We basically aren’t able to accept returns for anything that is outside of our control.  For example, if a lead is unresponsive when you email or call them, we don’t actually have control over that.  Your response rate from the leads depends on a variety of factors that include frequency of calls, frequency of emails, content of communication (bait on the hook), skill of the sales person, how much the prospect likes your site/portfolio, etc…  We know that the prospect will respond if they’re interested, because they responded to our email, but they may not like something that they see or hear in your first email or voicemail and won’t respond at all.  Although these situations are frustrating, things like that are not within our control.  We have some clients that are able to get 95% of all the leads on the phone, and others who don’t call as frequently and may not have as strong of a pitch who struggle to get 30% of the prospects on the phone.  Both the contact rate and the conversion rate are much more dependent on the methods being used, the contact frequency, and people contacting the leads than on the leads themselves.

Are Your Leads Better Than Leads I Generate On My Own?

Usually, no.  Typically, the leads you generate through your own site or your own referrals are your hottest leads and you’ll have a much higher conversion rate with those leads than leads you can get from any paid lead source.  That being said, it is very difficult to grow your company without having more leads (See our blog post on “Buying Leads Vs. Generating Your Own Leads“), even if those leads aren’t as good as the leads you’re getting on your own.  We like to break leads down in the following way: Cold, Warm, and Hot.  Cold leads are like the data leads that you get when you buy a list of names and phone numbers from services like Hoovers or InfoUSA – You’re still cold calling them, so you’re starting completely from scratch.  Hot leads are the referrals you get from your other clients, your own networking, or people who found your site and liked it enough to contact you – They’re interested in your product and they already have trust in you.  Our leads are warm leads, basically right inbetween the Hot and Cold – They have expressed a degree of interest, but they don’t know you enough to trust you yet, so you have to work to build that trust in order to get the sale.  Finding these interested prospects is half of the sales process, and the other half is up to you.

What Makes Rankleads Better Than Other Lead Generation Companies?

The lead generation industry is riddled with fraud.  There are dozens of companies that will sell you “exclusive” leads that are actually shared, “fresh” leads that are actually several weeks old, or leads that are completely made-up.  We do not have nearly the lead flow that those companies do because our leads  are truly fresh, truly exclusive, and completely real.  Our clients are more loyal to us than any other lead generation firm because we go out of our way to try to ensure their success.  Ultimately, their success is our success and we both win together.